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Prescribing on the basis of Nosodes and Bowel Nosodes



The nosode is an isopathic remedy consisting of the products of some specific disease administrated in minute doses for the cure of the same disease. Since the time of Dr. Hahnemann many nosodes has been added into Materia Medica through provings and clinical experiences. These were brought together by Dr. HC Allen in his Materia Medica of the nosodes.

Indications of Nosodes

  1. Prophylactic: Dr. Grimmer recommended one dose in high potency once in a year for prevention of smallpox (Variolinum), whooping cough (pertussin), measles (morbilimum), diphtheria (diptherinum) etc. Dr. Wheeler recommends that in epidemics the corresponding nosode in the 30th potency will protect for at least a fortnight.
  2. Remote Causes: where the patients says that he has not been well since a certain illness. For example: measles, whooping cough, influenza etc. 
  3. Compliment: To monitor the effects of indicated remedy in chronic as well as in acute diseases, when it fails to act.
  4. The indicated remedy does not seems to work properly and where there is a family history of syphlis, tuberculosis, cancer etc.
  5. Where there is a similarity in patient symptoms and signs of the nosodes like pertusin in spasmodic cough with fever, medorrhinum in pelvic inflammation etc.
  6. Where well recognized symptoms of a nosode are present for e.g. amelioration on lying on knee chest position; medorrhinum, constantly catching cold in weakly children; tubberculliunum.
  7. Where after an acute disease convalescence is very slow and patient though seems well but does not recover/pickup health. For example, patient do not recover fully after typhoid; typhoidinum.

Bowel Nosodes

The bowel nosodes are prepared from the pure germ culture rather than the together and germs together as in bacillinum, tubercullinum etc. These can be classified as:

  1. Morgan comprising of two subtypes: Morgan Pure & Morgan Gaertner.
  2. Proteus
  3. Mutabile
  4. Bascillus No.7
  5. Gaertner
  6. Dysentery Co
  7. Sycotic Co
  8. Faecalis

Indications of Bowel Nosodes

  1. Incase where the indicated remedy fails to act, in such a case the corresponding nosode can be prescribed for e.g. for Sulphur;Morgan(Bach), Phosphorus;Gaertner
  2. In a case where several drugs seems indicated but none of them clearly, a nosode can be selected which is related to the majority of these drugs, for instance, if a patient provides symptoms of Sulphur, cal. carb, natrum car., sepia and Nat. Mur. but none of the drug is clearly indicated so that it can be considered as the simillimum one can prescribe for him Morgan (Bach).
  3. In an old case where several remedies have helped but none has been able to cure the patient one can select the nosode which is related to the majority of drugs in which a patient has responded well.
  4. By virtue of symptom similarity between the patient picture and the nosode picture.

For the convenience of the readers a chart has been provided of bowel nosodes vis-à-vis its related remedies:

Bowel Nosode Related Remedies
Morgan Pure Alumina, Baryta Carb, Cal Carb, Cal Sulph, Carbo Veg, Ferrum Carb., Carbo Sulph, Digitalis, Medorrhinum, Graphitis, Kali Carb, Mag Carb, Nat Carb, Petroleum, Sepia, SULPHUR, Psorinum, Tubercullinum
Morgan Gaertner Chellidonium, Chinopodium, Helleborus, Hepar Sulph, Lachesis, LYCOPODIUM, Merc Sulph, Sanguinaria, Traxacum
Proteus Acid Mur, Ammon Mur, Aurum Mur, Apis Mel, Bryta Mur, Borax, Conium, Cuprum Met, Cal Mur, Ferrum Mur, Ignitia, Kali Mur, Mag Mur, NATRUM MUR, Secale Cor
Mutabile Ferrum Phos, Kali Sulph, PULSATILLA
Bascillus No.7 Ars Iod, Bromium, Cal Iod, IODUM, Kali Bich, Kali Brom, KALI CARB, Kali Iod, Kali Nit, Mer Iod, Nat Iod
Gaertner Cal Flor, Cal Hyhophos, Cal Phos, Cal Sil, Kali Phos, MERC VIV, Nat Phos, Nat Sil Flor, PHOSPHOROUS, Phytolacca, Pulsatilla, SILICEA, Zinc Phos, Syphillinum
Dysentery Co Anacardium, Argentum Nit, ARS ALB, Cadmium Met, Kalmia, Veratrum Alb, Veratrum Viride
Sycotic Co Acid Nit, Antum Tart, Cal Met, Ferrum Nit, Bacillinum, Nat Sulph, THUJA, Rhux Tox
Faecalis SEPIA

Updated on: 01 Feb 2010