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Prescribing on the basis of Causations Remote


In the past history of the disease of the patient, Remote causes are found. These causes produce a influence on the power of resistance of the sick individual. On account of their influences the patients fails to adapt, desensitize, immunize in order to recover completely from his ailments and diseases. The following is the list of most common remote causations which can be classified as under:

Remote Cause Remedy
  • Causticum: After effects
  • Cantharis Q: With vesication
  • Hamamelis Q: First degree burns
  • Heper Sulph: Suppuration after burns
  • Kali Bich: Deep burn destroying the skin
  • Natrum Phos 6X Biochemic: If used with water 1X4 ratio will prevent vesication
  • Urtica urens Q: Without vesication
Operation's (post effects)
  • Allium Cepa: Amputation; swelling & pain; ciliary neuralgia
  • Ammon Carb: Foot
  • Arnica: Leg & arm; Gangrene followed by Zinc Met
  • Ammon Iod: Hoarseness due to nerve damage
  • Berbaris Vulg: Fistula Pains
  • Cuprum Ars: Gangrene
  • Cal Carb: Bad effect of tonsillectomy
  • Carbo Ani: Constipation
  • Causticum: Urethra Stricture
  • Eserine Salicy: Intestinal paralysis
  • Echinacea & Pyrogenum: Fever
  • Ferrum Met: Vomiting after tonsillectomy
  • Graphitis: Scars
  • Kali Cyn: Metastasis
  • Leptandra: Abdominal Pain after gallbladder operation < after stool (general; Staphisgaria)
  • Phosphorous: Clears vision after an iridectomy
  • Senega: Promotes absorption of fragments of lens after cataract operation.
  • Symphytum: Bone
  • Streptococcin: Recurrent throat infection after tonsillectomy
  • Strontia Carb: Hemorrhage's 
  • Xanthoxyllum: Hemorrhages after operation of cancerous cysts
  • Mag Phos: Enuresis
Traumatic influences
  • Natrum Sulph: Mental troubles from injures to head including epilepsy
  • Cicuta V: Chronic effects to brain & spine; tetanus from getting splinters into flesh (Hyper)
Viral diseases
  • Lac Can: Post deptheric Impotency
  • Bacillinum: Post consumption (tuberculosis) malignancy
  • Sticta P: Dry cough after measles (Sangu Can)
  • Carbo Veg: Asthma after measles
Bacterial Infections
  • Carbo Veg: Post effect of bacterial infections; whose vitality has become weakened or exhausted, falling of hair (alopecia) after typhoid (Psor)
  • Medorrhinum: constitutional effects of maltreated and suppressed gonorrhea
  • Clemetis: Rheumatoid Arthritis after suppressed gonorrhea
  • Mezereum: Inflammation of bones, tumors, caries after the abuse of mercury and venereal diseases
  • Acetic Acid: Weakness after or before
  • Antum Tart: Bad effect of Ether Anesthesia
  • Carbo Veg: Bad effect of gas anesthesia
  • Choloroformum:  Bad effect of chloroform anesthesia

Updated on: 01 Feb 2010