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Prescribing on the basis of Immediate Causes


Boenninghausen has stated that there are numerous cases of jaundice which manifests themselves on the day following an emotional upset and cured quickly by the remedy corresponding to the symptoms such as Aconite, Nux, Chamomilla etc.

In sixth edition of Organon, in Para 17 Dr. Hahnemann explained "Merely by the use of imagination, it is possible to produce a derangement of the vital principles which, if it sufficiently marked, can give rise to the severest illness; nevertheless, this also can be cured by a similar contrasuggestion. A prophetic dream, a superstitious fancy or a solemn prediction of death fixed for a certain hour on a certain day, have often produced all the progressive symptoms of a disease, even of approaching death, and death itself, at the hour predicted. This could not happen without the prediction of a simultaneous inward change corresponding to that observed externally. It is quite often come about in similar cases and similar provings."

Case Examples

Dr. SR Pathak:

A gentleman consulted for his wife who was behaving in an insane manner. She would weep and laugh alternatively without cause. She would also clap her hands and sings suddenly. She was generally incapable of looking herself. The history reveals that three years back her child when fallen ill and died, this has given her a shock but she could not and did not weep. In Kent's repertory under "Sad, cannot weep", Gelsemium & Nat Mur was mentioned. Out of theses Nat Mur covered the alternate weeping and laughing so Nat Mur 1M prescribed and it cleared the whole trouble.

A gentleman consulted for his complaint of longstanding diarrhea over 40 yrs. He tried various methods of treatment without any effect. From history it revealed that this problem has started during his marriage. At that time he had taken some strongly boiled milk and soon he had an urge for stool. Being in the midst of the marriage ceremony he had controlled the urge. but from the next day he developed diarrhea which continued so long. The emphasis was given on the origin that is started after taking boiled milk. In Dr. Boenninghausen repertory under rubric Diarrhea < boiled milk, Nux Mox & Sepia was found. out of which Sepia was given and the patient was completed cured.

Some important Rubrics

Ailments from:

  • Apprehension=Diarrhea: Arg Nit
  • Coffee=Diarrhea: Nat Mur
  • Coition=Urging to urinate in newly married girls: Staphigaria
  • Pastery= Indigestion: Pulsatilla
  • Fright= Loss of voice: Gelsemium
  • Night watching= Indigestion: Nux Vomica
  • Odors of cooking food=Nausea and vomiting: Colchicum
  • Trembling= Anger: Ranuculus Bulb
  • Weeping= Cough: Arnica
  • Wine= Headache: Nux Vom, Gels, Antum Crude, Zinc & Ranuculus Bulb
  • Dentition= Convulsions: Chammo
  • Malaria=Spleenmegaly: Ceanothous A, Nat Mur
  • Puberty=Acne: Cal Phos
  • Sexual Abstinence=Ailments: Conium

Updated on: 01 Feb 2010