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Prescribing on the basis of Tautopathy


Dr. Raman Lal P. Patel, D.M.S., (Cal) DF Hom (London), L.M. (Dub).

At present we have to follow with open mind the trend of Modern scientific medicine and have to kill the giants of drug- diseases with their own weapons. And Tautopathy is the possible way to show them what wrong is being done while homoeopathy can overcome present day obstacles, by adopting her sister Tautopathy.

The discovery of the method by me was by an accident. Once a lady, aged 45 years, asked me to visit her for consultation. She was suffering from typhoid. She was under treatment of the best a1lopathic physician of the town. He had prescribed Chloromycetin. In all 32 capsules had been given within a week. Temperature came down from 104 to 100 degrees and some time to 99'4 degrees but never touched normal. Twelve more capsules were prescribed for 6 days. But after taking the 34th capsule she had stomatitis, with burning in the mouth; burning in the throat; sensation of feeling heat and swelling; thirsty; vertigo while getting up from bed; headache all over the head dull type. 

Movements aggravated her troubles. Itching here and there on the body; burning in the eyes mostly in the evening; hearing less, right ear, without any pathological lesion; general weakness. In spite of these troubles she continued the treatment and she was becoming worse and worse day-by-day and at last she asked a visit from a homoeopathic physician.

When I saw her she had all symptoms detailed above along with anorexia. She could not take food; slightest movement made her worse; thirst for cold drinks often, as she felt dryness of the throat saliva was coming out while speaking; had to spit often; cracks around the corners of the mouth; gingivitis with white patches here and there; tongue red and moist; slow wiry pulse, anemic face; burning of the feet at night, etc. (This had been diagnosed as B Complex deficiency due to the Chloromycetin and she had been given the vitamins without relief) With all the symptoms I started with Bryonia 30, 8 hourly for four days without any good result, except the temperature which came down to normal. Bryonia was the indicated remedy, but I changed to the most talked antidote in homoeopathy -Nux Vomica (30) and gave it without any good result. After two days I switched on to Chloromycetin 6, in two grains dose t.i.d for two days as most of her symptoms were due to its ill effects. And lo! She felt better on the third day. I gave two more doses on the 3rd day and one dose on 4th day. Most of symptoms were ameliorated within 5 days and remaining-burning in the stomach and feet-were controlled by Rhux Tox 30, one dose after 15 days.

This incident led me to potentise most of the modern drugs and try wherever I found place for them; with good results and I adopted Tautopathy.

Our research laboratory possesses many such drugs potentized according to strict Hahnemannian method, the list including Chloromycetin, Ambistrin, Penicillin, etc.

The ill effects of these medicines are generally different in different individuals depending on their physical constitution, so it is difficult to collect all symptoms of each drug. The only guide at present is the previous use of the medicines by patients and to know how the patient reacted after taking medicines.

These drugs are prepared by us only according to trituration method and are hand-made because with trituration and succussion (hand made and not machine made) more energy is released.

Case Examples

1. A child 6 years old, very intelligent.

Cough with temperature for last 13 days. Difficulty in breathing. Cannot walk much. Aggravated at night. Insomnia. Fever at night up to 102 degrees. Cough dry, barking and painful. Has to support chest; cannot take food. Vomits after taking food due to cough. Pain in the abdomen sometimes. Tonsils, both sides were infected. Chest-Rales and rhonchi, both sides.

Past History: Pneumonia 2 years ago. Measles 5 years ago. Has had allopathic treatment. Ten Dicrysticin injections were given with mixture and some tablets also. First diagnosis was whooping cough, and then changed to pneumonia.

Gave Procaine Penicillin 6, three doses of I grain each 6 hourly (as Dicrysticin contains Procaine Penicillin 3000 units). Temp 100 degree's. Diarrhoea appeared, watery stools 6 times within 12 hrs. Cough ameliorated. Had slept. Difficulty in breathing was there. No medicine.

3rd Day: No temperature. Only four stools. Cough ameliorated. Can take food now. Had good sleep. No pain in tha abdomen. No difficulty in breathing. No Medicine.

4th day: No temperature, Cough ameliorated, good sleep. Two stools. Patient much better than before.

By the 8th day the condition was completely normal.

2. By Dr. S.R Wadia: Mr. S., Age 50. This patient is suffering from urticaria for the past several years. He has taken various allopathic and Homeopathic remedies to no relief. There was no definitive modality except better by cold application. He is a hot patient and has suffered in the past from eczema. On further questioning, I could not get any symptoms to prescribe so I again questioned once more as to how it started years ago and he told me that he had taken Marking nut which was given by a valid for some ailment which he did not remember. Anacardium Oriental 30th potency was given in repeated doses. The urticaria disappeared completely but after a month reappeared in milder form. The same remedy in 200th potency 3 doses has made him completely free from the disease.

Updated on: 01 Feb 2010