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Prescribing on the basis of Radesthesia


I shall first describe how Radiaesthesia is ordinarily practiced. An ordinary brass pendulum with about 2" thread is used. The operator holds the pendulum in his hand and centers and then gradually revolved, the pendulum. He then poses a specific question in his mind. For example, he may ask himself whether such and such patient is suffering from such and such disease or whether he requires such and such drug, whether such and such potency will suit, whether t he case is curable, etc., etc. The pendulum gyrates in a particular way when the answer is positive and in a different way if it is negative. The whole procedure is very nicely described step by step by Dr. Tomlinson in his book "Divination of Disease."

I had a friend by name Fr. Hermans, a very distinguished German scholar who used to help me with the pendulum I used to take my cases systematically, select a number of possible drugs and then put before him the list of drugs. He with the help of pendulum was then able to select the appropriate remedy so that my work was thus much lightened by his help.

I may give you for an instance a case, which I have already reported in the April-June issue of Journal of Homoeopathic Medicine.

Homoeopathic Medicine

My nephew suffering from typhoid was examined by me and prescribed for without much effect. I consulted Fr. Hermans. He selected two drugs; one was Strophanthus and the other Echinacea. He advised me to give first Strophanthus then the Echinacea because he said the heart was affected. Thinking that the heart was affected due to the septic condition, I preferred Echinacea. I gave it every four hours but there was no effect. Then I consulted my friend Dr. Sankaran who suggested that the doses might be given every half hour. I followed his advice and by the time the 4th dose was given the temperature came down to normal.

Not only the disease but also even various other things can be divined. For example, one can use the same method to divine the presence of gold, silver, etc., below the earth. But certain people are more susceptible to certain substances and can divine more successfully. Fr. Hermans also used to detect certain immaterial influences in the atmosphere. For instance, there was a time when for several nights I used to go to bed with overpowering sleep but the moment I lay down in the bed I used to become restless. Fr. Hermans used the pendulum and discovered that there were certain atmospheric disturbances over my bed. The moment I shifted the bed to another place I was able to sleep peacefully.

Cases are also known when patients were shifted to another room or to another place and started improving much better on the very same treatment which previously had had no effect.

We had also tried several other experiments with Fr. Hermans. He used to mix up several bottles of different potencies unlabelled but with secret marking only known to us but Fr. Hermans used to invariably pick out correctly and saw which battle contained which drug and in which potency. As far as I know there is no other known method of doing this except perhaps through Emanometer. We also used to mix up phials of blank pills and medicated pills but Fr. Hermans used to pick, out correctly and saw which were the medicines and which were the blank pills. We have also tried mixing fresh empty bottles and bottles which had originally contained medicines but which were now empty. Fr Hermans always picked out correctly and could say which phia1 had contained medicine and which were quite new and fresh.

I may also tell you an interesting experiment tried by Dr. Sankaran and myself. We took up two empty bottles both of which had originally contained no homoeopathic potencies. One of these two bottles was then exposed to bright sunlight one whole day. We took these two bottles to Fr. Hermans and asked him whether any of them had contained medicine. He told us with the help of the pendulum that the un-exposed bottle showed traces of medicine while the exposed bottle showed no traces at all. So probably strong sunlight was able to remove the traces of medicinal energy.

In all these years I have also found sometimes the pendulum method failing. For instance, there was a case of a lady who missed her period. Doctors were consulted and they said it was pregnancy but Fr. Hermans said it was not, and that it was some tumor. Every month we consulted Fr. Hermans and he was certain that this was not a pregnancy. Ultimately it turned out to be pregnancy. Therefore, this method also may fail sometimes for it depends on the condition of the operator.

Amongst the other methods, I have also found hypnosis very useful in many cases. I have always found people hut under hypnosis coming out and saying that they felt much refreshed and better, and the suggestions given during this hypnosis go a long way to remove the conflicts from the mind: I may give an instance I once treated a patient who had been working in a bank. One day he refused to go to work: He also quarreled with his wife and developed great animosity towards her. He came to me and I put him under hypnosis and gave suggestions. As a result, there was such a tremendous improvement that even the third person could observe change in him. - Dr. Arthur P. Pereira, Bombay.

Updated on: 01 Feb 2010