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Prescribing on the basis of Miasm of Syphilis


Clinical Experiences of Dr. Edmund Carleton, M.D. "Only through the cure of the venereal disease, which pervades the whole internal of the body, the chancre, its local symptoms will also simultaneously be cured in the most effective manner; and this is best effected without the use of any external application for its removal --while the merely local destruction of the chancre, without any previous general cure and deliverance of man from the internal disease, is followed by the most certain outbreak of syphilis with its sufferings."

Case I: H M, age thirty-seven; contracted soft chancre. Shame kept him from me until ulceration had involved glans penis and prepuce. Great depression of spirits; apprehensive; full of fear, no confidence in himself, easily fatigued by mental or physical work, could not be driven to his desk. Susceptible to all sorts of pains; on thinking of them, he imagined he already felt them. All symptoms worse at night. The victim of running ears and skin eruptions. At that time I considered Aurum the most similar remedy, and gave it (cm. r.). Great improvement followed. Nevertheless, I have since questioned if I should not have given Mercurius. He went to work for a few days and then gave it up again. A minute ulcer remained, prepuce swollen and tender, large buboes in both groins, throat slightly sensitive. Soon the following symptoms were added: feet held to the earth as by a magnet, when attempting to move; when moving, felt as if pricked with needles, the pain running quickly from, feet to head; every joint and muscle of body and limbs stiff and sore; sour night sweats; great emaciation with loss of appetite. Ledum, two hundredth, in water, cured speedily.

Case II: Mr. H, age thirty-two years, discovered a true Hunterian chancre four and a half years ago. The family physician, a true homoeopathist, referred him to a supposed homoeopathist for cure. The only treatment given at that stage was to dust calomel upon the sore. The chancre disappeared.

Next buboes (slight).

A few weeks later, sore throat, pain in back, rash. Then inunctions were started - a large capsule of mercury every day. They created so much "rheumatism" that the dose was reduced to half a capsule. Off and on, they were continued for three years. This medication was alternated with the internal use of iodide of potassium. One autumn he took yellow tablets, supposed to have been iodide of mercury. Other kinds of tablets were taken at different times. Mouth and throat were obstinately sore: They were frequently swabbed with a solution of nitrate of silver or a combination of iodine and kreosote.

About a year and a half after the appearance of the chancre, gonorrhea was added. The former described treatment then received additions and variations. Among other things he took white powders. But the main reliance was upon injection of protargol, Sulphate of zinc, "dark red liquid;' et al. Of course, gleet ensued - and stricture - and mechanical dilatation.

At the end of three years, nature appeared to relinquish the contest. Treatment was discontinued. One day the subject met the doctor's associate in a streetcar.

"How are you?"

"Guess I'm out of the woods now".

"That was pretty severe treatment, but it did the work."

The respite was short. Nemesis relentlessly pursued. Sore mouth and tongue; stiffness of muscles; infiltration of subcutaneous cellular tissue. He sought my help; I gave him Nitric acid and sent him to his family physician; with memorandum of prescription. The family physician was somehow persuaded to give Syphilinum. Long ago, Lippe warned me against giving Syphilinum to Syphilitic patients, "Of course they have syphilinum symptoms. If you give it, they seem to be better for a time; but it is palliation only; and when they get worse again, your task is greater than ever." It was so in this case. And I had to shoulder the management for the case was referred back to me.

Reviewing the whole history and endeavoring to undo some of the mischief which had been so persistently done, heeding the splinter signs, I gave Hepar 200 four times a day, until improvement should be noticed. In two weeks I was able to lengthen the time between doses: and two weeks later, to wait. That sort of procedure did we11 for nearly three months, and then wore out. I then used higher potencies of the same remedy, with a little benefit.

Next Nitric acid in the same manner, the pains being more needle-like and with no desire to cover warmly. It did fully as much as Hepar had done, but wore out in a few months, when Hepar was again indicated.

Those two remedies did much for the patient. They developed too large, suppurating buboes and healed them; and then developed: "Two large, deep-red, painless, slightly swollen areas on glans and inner surface of prepuce; scaly spots in center of palms" and healed them. As it is, I think he is nearly cured. Ask the diabolical inunctions: Gram's test no longer accuses him of latent gonorrhea.

Case By SR Phatak: A stout Parsi gentleman had come to me with a history of Syphilis from which he had suffered about twenty-five yeas previously. He now had developed peeling of the skin and gets redness of the exposed parts with actual swelling of the hands and fingers if he went out in the sun. He was put on doses of Syphilinum and Merc Vivus. He improved well till he received Merc Viv 10 M. But then the improvement stopped.

Now he gave out a symptom that he felt a pulling sensation in the tips and tongue on falling to sleep. He had this symptom always but he had failed to report it. I put him on Phytolacca and this relieved him.

I generally prescribe Merc. viv if Merc. Sol is indicated and fails to help. I have found Merc. viv acting better than Merc. sol.

Updated on: 01 Feb 2010