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Prescribing on the basis of Miasm of Vaccinosis


The following case examples are provided to understand the Vaccinosis Miasm:

CASE I: Dr. P.L. Benthack (M.D.) (H.R. Vol. LII March,'37 No 3)

In April 1936, a boy 12 years of age came to consult me. He was robust otherwise, but he had a hard tumor the size of a walnut in each breast. I asked him how long he had noticed the lumps. He said he had had them a little over a month. I asked if he had bruised himself or he had been vaccinated for small pox. He said he did not have any bruise, but he had been vaccinated for small pox about a year before.

I prescribed Thuja two disks of 30x every other evening for one month. By June 1 he had improved much; he was almost well. The lumps were hardly noticeable, so I told him to take a few more doses and then stop.

CASE II: Dr. J.C. Burnett (Vaccinosis and its cure by Thuja)

An infant 10 weeks old, whom he was called to see as it was supposed to be dying. He found it ghastly white and in collapse. There was nothing to account for this, except that the baby had, had its wet-nurse changed two or three days before. The wet-nurse was questioned and declared herself quite well and looked it, but "her arm was quite painful". She had been revaccinated in the Marylebone Workhouse the day before she took charge of the patient. Dr. Burnett found the vaccine eruption just turning into pustular stage. He concluded that the infant was sucking the vaccinal poison with its nurse's milk. He gave Thuja 6 to the infant and nurse. The baby gradually improved the same day, and next morning was, though still pale, practically well; and the vaccinal vesicles on the nurse's arm had withered.

I'll effects of Vaccination

Indications Medicine
Dry rough skin remaining for years after vaccination Malandrimum
Eczema and itching eruptions after vaccination Mezerum
Abscesses or convulsions after vaccination Silicea, Thuja
Growth of Scar tissue after vaccination which develops to keloids or ulcers Vaccinim
Sudden puffing up of whole body after vaccination Apis Mel
Fever with localized inflammation at vaccination site Belladonna
Bad effects of vaccination when THUJA fails and SILICEA is not indicated Antim Tart

Updated on: 01 Feb 2010