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Prescribing on the basis of Drug Miasms


The following are few case examples showing prescribing on the basis of drug miasms:

By Dr C C. Desai

A young lady aged 22, suffering from-Purpura haemorrhagia with polyarthritis, consulted me. Her purpuric condition improved very much on Phosphorus in high potency given at 15 days interval but there was no change in her arthritis. Arnirca, Bryonia, Colchicum, also did not give relief at all.

On further inquiry she told me that an allopathic physician had given her Prednisolone (Cortisone) for her pucpura haemorrhagia and since then she had been suffering form arthritis. I got the hint for the drug. Here the aetiology was the toxic effect of cortisone. I gave her few doses of Cortisone 30 and now for the last one and half years there is no recurrence of arthritis.

By Dr T. Adele Schwartz

After receiving an injection of Mercury salicylate Gr 1/8 in the hip, his mouth became sore, tongue thick with a gray coating and offensive breath, swallowing difficult.

I gave him one powder of Sarsaparilla, 200 and told him to report to me how soon he felt any relief of his symptoms. I saw him in two hours' time and he reported that he began to feel some relief in an hour's time Improvement continued, so I did not give a second dose until the end of the week, when old urinary symptoms showed up. There was frequent urination, some burning and the passes of much sand. The second dose relieved the pain, tenesmus and other urinary symptoms and brought general improvement of the patient.

By Dr P. Sankaran

Mr SRP, aged 48 years, a lawyer from Sholapur, consulted us on 28th April 1966, with the following complaints:

In August 1965, he had developed weakness of right arm and leg and had speech difficulty. He found difficulty in articulating speech. He gave us the history that in July 1965, he had an attack of typhoid, which was treated with Chloromycetin but just when he seemed to be all right and when he was about to be discharged from the hospital, lie became unconscious and developed paralysis. Some homoeopath had prescribed for him Causticum 200 daily once which the lawyer had taken for 40 days without any effect. When he came to us we prescribed for him Causticum, 1000, which also brought no improvement.

Now considering the fact that the whole trouble had started after the typhoid treated with Chloromycetin, we put him on Chloromycetin 30, three doses a day for three days and on Causticum 1000. There was an immediate and very satisfactory improvement with the result that within a month he was able to attend to his work and was arguing in the court as well as before.

By Dr W. J. Guernsey

Mrs P., 32, complained of "lump in the throat which could not be swallowed, and yet required constant efforts to do so. Agg on swallowing; yet on swallowing food it seemed to pass over a sore spot. Bar C, Lach, Bell was given in succession in vain. Remembering the injunction of Organon para 207, to inquire as to what allopathic treatment a patient has been subjected to in order to discover if there is anything to correct I discovered that the patient had had a severe ulceration of the womb, which had been burnt out several times and now was well. She had, had a very profuse discharge, but that had stopped, and on the same day she had commenced to choke with the throat trouble. Nat Mur 295 M Fincke was given. In a few days the throat was better and the discharge had returned, much to the patient's horror. Without further treatment throat and vaginal discharge were both cured!

Updated on: 01 Feb 2010