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Prescribing on the basis of Prophylactics and Genus Epidemicus


The principle of prescribing on the basis of Prophylactics or prevention of disease was known to ayurvedic, unanni and allopathic system of medicines. Hahnemann too noted that homoeopathic medicines can act as prophylactic medicines when the remedy in its proving brings out symptoms similar to a particular disease.

Genus Epidemicus is the word coined by Hahnemann which denotes the homoeopathic remedy that is similar to the totality of symptoms found in majority of patients suffering in an epidemic disease and which if given to the patient before the onset of the disease prevents the epidemic disease or when given during the disease cures the patient.

Totality of symptoms in the epidemic disease consists of common symptoms of disease as well as uncommon or peculiar symptoms found in majority of patients suffering from the epidemic disease. Epidemic disease may be confined to a town or a district or a state where a large number of people are attacked by the same disease. It is well accepted fact that viral diseases form the bulk of epidemic diseases.

The knowledge of Prophylactics and Genus Epidemicus remedies is very useful for a homoeopath as prevention is always better than cure. The first Prophylaxy consists in giving in early childhood the constitutional remedy corresponding to the totality of symptoms observed thus making the child more enduring and enabling him to resist the numerous complaints to which children are exposed. Later on, at the time of epidemics they should be given remedies to protect them if they are sound or to make a speedy cure in case they have just caught the disease.

Incase of epidemics the best prophylactics will be the remedy obtained after examining the typical symptoms from accurate examination of first 10 cases taken.

Following is the list of medicines provided by Dr. Pierre Schmidt for prophylactic against common diseases:

Disease Medicine
Scarlet Fever Belladonna, Scarlatinum
Measles Morbillinum
Whooping Cough Pertussin
Mumps Parotidinum
Diphtheria Diphtherinum or Diphthereotoxin
Croup Phosphorous
Smallpox Variolinum
Influenza Influenzinum
Cholera Choleratoxin, Camphor, Lachesis, Sulphur, Cuprum Met
Yellow Fever Cimcifuga
Malaria Eupatorium P, Natrum Mur, Malaria Off, China Pure
Tetanus Ledum Pal, Arnica, Tetanotoxin, Thuja
Herpes Heper Sulph
Erysitelas Graphitis
Sunstroke Glonine
Emotional Diarrhea Gelsemum, Arg Nit 
Recurring sore throat Baryta Carb, Psorinum
Recurrent Styes Sulphur
Tendency to abortion Second Month- Kali Carb, Third Month- Sabina, Seventh Month- Sepia
Polimyelitis Lathyrus S, Acid Carbolic, Plumbum Met, Physostigma

The following is a list of common prophylactic remedies noticed by their clinical experience by various pioneers of homoeopathy:

Medicine Female Diseases
Arnica Prevents soreness of parts after labor
Aurum Mur Nat Prevents habitual abortion and premature labor due to indurated cervix or sterility due to antiversion of uterus
Cimicifuga Prevents death of children after birth; still born children, ensures living babies in women who have previously born only dead children from no known cause.
Erigeron Prevents formation of placenta previa
Viscum Album Primary inertia during labor, promotes labor pains (Puls, KP, Secal Cor) promotes expulsion of placenta

Prophylactic Remedy against acute disease:

Disease Medicine
Hay Fever Ars Alb, Psorinum
Hydrophobia Belladonna, Hydrophobinum
Boils Gunpowder
Whitlow Silicea
Intermittent Fever Chinum Sulph, Ars Alb, Sulphur
Pus Infection Gunpowder, Arnica
Quinsy Baryta Carb, Psorinum
Appendicitis Psorinum
Tuberculosis Drosera, Bacilinum, Tuberculinum
Puerperal Fever Pyrogenum

Updated on: 01 Feb 2010