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Prescribing on the basis of Psychosomatic Symptoms


Modern medical school as well as Homeopathy supports the theory that every disease must be dealt with from a dynamic point of view i.e. where all sorts of ailments having psychosomatic basis, since every psychic manifestation is related to a somatic change and every organic change has a specific meaning. The separation of "Psychic & Matter" or "Soul and Body", is no longer appropriate to the new conception of life in the light of modern scientific discoveries and improvements. Nor can we continue to peruse the sterile though thrilling controversy between mechanism and vitalism. Disease must be considered as a special behavior of the living being, as a vital phenomenon, full of meaning, that finds expression through an organized structure.

The homoeopath is forced to investigate not only the specific function of a given organ such as the heart, the stomach or the liver but also the total complex evaluation of a human being as a person i.e. as a living whole, in adjusting himself to the cosmic and social environment within which he moves. This compels the physician to come in contact with his patient's subjective word. No objective semeiology or instrumental investigation of the psychic phenomenon will provide him with a knowledge of that inner essence or intrinsic unfathomable reality, i.e., is the mind. The only way of approaching it is though empathy, which can enable us to grasp the exact meaning of the patients effective trends and levels of consciousness. It is only thus that the homoeopath can perceive the true value of the symptom analyzed and be certain which are his patients characteristic symptoms that will present him as a basic total whole. If he << Methodshas been able to come close to the vital center and to understand his patients inward uniqueness he has no need to take into consideration any other pathological or superficial symptoms, to be sure of the Simillimum to be prescribed.

Dr. Hahnemann in para 17 of Organon of Medicine 6th edition writes "Merely by the use of imagination it is possible to produce a derangement of the vital principal which, if it is insufficiently marked, can give rise to the severest illness; nevertheless, this also can be cured by a similar contra-suggestion. A prophetic dream, a superstitious fancy or a solemn prediction of death fixed for a certain hour on a certain day, have often produced all the progressive symptom of a disease, even of approaching death, and death itself, at the hour predicted. This could not have happened without the production of a simultaneous inward change corresponding to the observed externally. It has quite often come about, in similar cases and under similar influences that by means of a skilful pretence, or persuasion to a belief in the contrary, all the morbid signs pointing to imminent death have been dissipated and health suddenly restored. This could not have come about had not this exclusively psycho therapeutic procedure caused the disappearance of both the discord in the vital energy and the abnormal psychosomatic reactions from which death would have been the result."

In para 215 the following observations were made "Nearly all morbid states which are referred to as psychic are in reality nothing but somatic ailments in which the discord between the intellectual and moral faculties, each in its specific ways and in a manner more or less rapid, have become predominant through there relation to the purely physical symptoms. Thus they finish by taking only by character of a defective disease which gives the appearance of a local ailment having its seat in the delicate and invisible organs of though."- the" psychosomatic ailments" of the modern authors.

Again in para 323 Dr. Hahnemann observed "...but it is possible also, in case of alternation of three different aspects in the cost of a dysfunctional state, that periods of hyperdynamia, of an exultation of the physical forces and mental faculties (unusual gaiety, excessive vivacity, mark euphoria, an immoderate appetite etc.,) may be followed in an equally unexpected manner by a glomming and melancholic humor, a tendency towards hypochondria with extreme bad temper, accompanied various disorders of the essential organic functions such as the digestion, sleep etc. This second state is followed, more or less rapidly, by the felling of ill health normally experienced by the subject as well as several other varying at alternating states."

In para 210 Dr. Hahnemann writes "...there does not exists a single called somatic illness where we may not discover constant modifications in the psychic conditions of the patients..."

Again in para 213 he writes "it will never be possible to effect a cure in conformity with nature...that is to say homeopathically...if, in every individual case of disease, even acute, we do not at the same time observe the changes which have taken place in the psychic or mental state of the patients. Furthermore, we shall no longer be able to cure if we fail to choose from among the medicines a pathogenetic course capable of provoking not only the symptoms similar to those of the disease, but even more one that is similar to the mental state and character of the patient. "

In a phrase of Dr. Kent, the philosopher cited by Hufeland we read "We do not for a moment deny the influence of the physical on the spiritual but the psychological power of the spirit of the body is just as astonishing and even greater. It can give birth to ailments, can kill and can revive."

For physical disorders resulting from psychic shocks homoeopathy possesses a remarkable therapeutic. Following are few examples:

  1. Convolutions from contradiction: Asterias Rub
  2. Convolutions after anger: Chammomilla, Nux Vom, Kali Bro, Opium, Sulphur etc
  3. Diarrhea from excitement: Argentum Nit, Hyoscymus, Kali Phos, Stephisgaria etc
  4. Diarrhea from sudden joy: Coffea, Opium
  5. Alopecia from grief: Phosphoric acid
  6. Vomiting from anger: Chammomilla, Colocynth, Nux Vom, Valerina
  7. Hiccups after emotions: Ignatia
  8. Suppressed menses from emotions: Cimicifuga

Updated on: 01 Feb 2010