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Prescribing on the basis of Organopathic Remedies


In his book "Durability of Tumors by Medicines" Dr. JC Burnett says "When drugs affect certain parts of the economy specifically, the general effect is the one elaborated by greatly vilified Paracelsus and it constituted the back bone of its practice."

Remedies owing this quality were his appropriata, i.e. they are appropriated by the organs they respectively and specifically influence, much as we suppose the kidneys seize upon the particles in the blood to form what is them is known a urine. Grounded on this basis the medical practice of Paracelsus was not only in advance of the common medical practice of his own now distant day but actually much in advance of the orthodox medical practice of time that now is. The specificity of seat of homoeopathy and the principles of rade-macherianism practically coincide. Hahnemannian medicines in its twisten purity is based on pure pharmacodynamics; its first and deepest ground work being the principle that given drugs affect given organs (parts) by self elective preference. Therefore, up to this point Paracelic medicine and Hahnemannian medicine coincide.

The reason why Homoeopathy swallowed organopathy lies in the fact that homoeopathy is organopathy and something else besides, viz , the differentiating Law of Similars. But one has to admit when the other principles cannot be applied for the selection of homoeopathic remedies one should not and ought not to neglect the method of prescribing on the basis of Organopathy. Many doctors like JH Clark, RT Coopers, Boger, and Burnett, have given in their writings and experiences the importance of selection of Organopathic remedies and their useful ness when other guiding symptoms, causations and Miasms were wanting.


Organ Remedies
Liver Chelidonium, Cardus, Chionanthus, Leptendra, Myrica, Kalmegh, Mag Mur etc.
Gall Bladder Berberis Vulg, Cholesterinum, China, Chelidonium, Dioscorea, Hydrastis, Myrica, Leptendra, Taraxum etc
Spleen Chonianthus Am, Chin sulph, Nat Mur, Nat Sulph, Quercus, Cal Ars etc.
Kidneys Apis, Rhus Aro, Sarsaparilla, Solidago, Eel's Serum, Terebinthina, Copavia etc
Prostrate Sabal S, Ferr Pic, Selenium, Digitalis, Thuja, Staphisgaria etc.
Parotids Pilocarpine, Merc Sol, Phytolacca, Bromium, Iris V, etc
Heart Adonis V, Apocyn, Cactus, Iberis, Naza, Crategus, Lycopus, Strophanthus, etc.
Joints Rhus Tox, Cal Carb, Caustium, Bryonia, etc
Bones Heckla Lava, Mezrium, Roota, Kali Iod, Angustra, Cal Flor, Phosphorus, etc
Duodenum Orinthogallum

Updated on: 01 Feb 2010