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Hair Disorders


Detailed Articles on different type of alopecia (hair disorders)...


Alopecia [328KB]

Alopecia, partial or complete loss of hair that results from aging, hormone defects, drug allergy, anticancer treatment, or skin disease. Explains common patterns of Male and Female hair loss...


Alopecia Areata [52KB]

Common disease that cause patchy hair loss on the scalp and elsewhere...


Traumatic Alopecia [24KB]

Alopecia induced by trauma. Covers factors like tension, cosmetics...


Cicafiricial Alopecia [77KB]

Generic term applied to alopecia which accompanies or follows the destruction of hair follicles, whether by disease affecting the follicles themselves or by some process external to them...


Alopecia of Chemical Origin

Provides insight to commonly used drugs that are capable of causing diffused alopecia...


Alopecia of Nutrition and Metabolic Origin

Hair is affected early in protein deficiency, since protein is conserved for more essential purposes. Malnutrition influences the structure of the hair shaft and, sometimes, the color of the hair....


Total Alopecia (Atrichia Congenita)


Beading of Hair (Monilethrix) [37KB]

Monilethrix is an autosomal dominant disorder characterized by a beaded appearance of hair due to periodic thinning of the shaft...


Twisting of Hairs (Pili Torti) [77KB]

Pili Torti refers to Twisting of hair disorder wherein the hairs are flattened and at irregular intervals completely rotated through 180 degrees around their long axis...

01 Feb 2010